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Super Silver Santa Cruz has always offered a dazzling array of sterling silver for all styles and budgets, but now we have expanded to include four unique locations and a new online shop! Our extensive selection of sterling silver jewelry includes Italian chains, one-of-a-kind Native American designs, and an incredible assortment of stone and silver pieces, including a large selection of Amber and Turquoise jewelry. The diverse selection of designs and pieces from all around the world make shopping at any of the Super Silver location a fun and exciting experience, and our knowledgeable sales associates make it easy to find the perfect something for yourself or any of the loved ones in your life.


Visit us in Downtown Santa Cruz at 1301 Pacific Avenue (831.460.9696), in the Capitola Mall across from the food court (831.477.1932), in Capitola Village at 214 Capitola Avenue (831.462.9696), and in Old Town Sacramento at 1100 Second Street (916.443.2801). All items purchased in-store can be exchanged at any of our four locations.